Hectic opportunities


Hectic opportunities

By Joanie Buettgen

Copyright 2010

Working steady on three different writing projects all in one day can be a challenge. Just today, my job felt like I was a circus juggler.

We all check our emails daily. But, if you’re like me, logging onto Facebook is first. This is done, just in case we see a friend on line that needs to chat. It’s important to do this early as some friends work outside the home.

Minimizing that social page was no problem. Then, we log into our hotmail account and read, delete and empty in record time. During this procedure one must still keep in contact with our FB friend(s) and the peep, peep, peep sound lets us know we have another Q & A to tend too.

Then, we check our Yahoo email. One never knows if and when an urgent post will go out that needs our immediate attention. We writers always are standing by to read and help when needed.

Then our real work day begins.

Yesterday was filled with an interview with a Master Gardener for a local newsletter. The day was misty, so a photo shoot was out of the question. It was noted that two inches of the rain had accumulated in the gauge. It was bothersome just trying to decide when to take my outdoor shots with my old digital camera. I guess it just wasn’t in the cards today to complete that task.

Today is finally sunny. After checking my batteries in the old trusty camera, I took a peek outside. More of the dark storm clouds were indeed moving in. I had to move fast.

Taking a drive to the hospital to take my photos on a deadline day is always an interesting dilemma. In addition, trying to stir up a last minute interview was hard to accomplish. I tried numerous phone calls and messages, but no one was responding.

Just then an employee of the hospital passed me as I took a quick shot of a waterfall. Asking a few key questions of this woman, and with my tape recorder handy, my task was finally completed.

I was psyched as I closed the door to my vehicle and set the cruise control homeward.

Arriving at home there was the long process of editing my story that still needed to be accomplished. This important article was to be sent off to an editor, and a beautiful photo of my home was still needed. The sky was restless again, and it looked like it was going to pour any minute.

It’s now four in the afternoon and I’m still proofing my article. In a few minutes I’ll have photos attached to the all important email and my story will be finished. The send button is now my friend.

Here’s hoping the editor will enjoy the post.

Joanie Buettgen Just another columnist trying out this new stuff. Published: Minnesota Moments Magazine, Carver County Historical Society, Kansas City BBQ Society, Carver County News, National Barn Alliance, and Ridgeview Medical Center newsletter. Memberships: National Society of Newspaper Columnists, Toastmaster’s, Minnesota Newspaper Association, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop attendee. Social Networking: Blog:https://joanie19.wordpress.com, http://twitter.com/joaniebuettgen, http://www.linkedin/com/in/joaniebuettgen.


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