Duct tape


Duct tape

By Joanie Buettgen

Copyright 2010

Watching my great-nephew recently, over the long Memorial Day weekend, was a pain in the rear.


Cheap diapers.

My nephew and his wife were escaping to Florida. We all know traveling is expensive. We all try to  economize. But when it comes to diapers-parents should not buy bargain brands.

My great-nephew is seven months old and  big for his age. His Uncle goes 6′ 8″.

Diapering was never a problem. But, this holiday was completely different. The adhesive tape on the diapers wouldn’t hold.

We all have changed messy diapers. It’s a challenge when a child refuses to lay still. Struggling with babies, as they lay on their backs, feels like  a wrestling match.

I thought I was up for the challenge.

As I layed him on the changer, I noticed stacks and stacks of diapers in his bag. I wondered why there were so many?

Diapering a baby after he has consumed green peas and beans was a fiasco. Vegetables are a laxative.

This is how diapering a baby played out. Lay the child down. Unsnap the “onesie”. Put one hand on the child so he doesn’t squirm off the bed. Then, try to grab his diaper bag that is in back of you. Stop and reposition this child for the third time. Go to the bag again and quickly grab a diaper, Vaseline, and wet wipes. Take off his messy diaper. Carefully, put it down on the floor. Because, this child will grab it, and try to eat the diaper. Wash the child from back to front as the contents of this diaper have now been smeared all over him. Check the folds of skins for hidden remains of crud. Stand the child up, put the diaper down, reposition the child squarely over the diaper, and quickly secure the diaper tabs. Remember, don’t pull on the tabs too much.

This was the problem. The sticky tape…wasn’t sticking.

The solution?  Duct tape.

We all love baby’s. But baby’s squirm-a lot.

Three days later, my nephew is now exhausted from lack of sleep, over-fed, and the ninety degree forecast has now arrived.

Pulling into the driveway, his grandparents have now arrived to spend their time with my nephew. As they sped away we looked at each other and asked “Should we tell them about the duct tape?”

We smiled at each other and said, “Nope…let them figure it out for themselves!”

Published: Minnesota Moments, Carver County Historical Society, Kansas City BBQ Society, Carver County News, National Barn Alliance. Waconia Ridgeview Medical Center Newsletter.


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  1. What an entertaining story. When my two youngest were babies, I used cloth diapers to save money. The biggest problem then was avoiding pin pokes, yes, in my fingers too.

    By the time the third child arrived eight years after the first, I had switched to primarily disposable diapers. Not easier on the budget, but easier on the mom.

  2. I got those cheap diapers a time or two and had to use duct tape on them, too! After that, we opted for the better ones, even though they cost more.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Being a fitness instructor, I have a propensity to wear spandex shorts to keep my (ahem) bells from ringing. Once I found a great big hole when I was about to start, and I remembered I had some duct tape in my trunk. I fetched it and applied it to the offending void. It worked well until I went to take them off. Youch

  4. Funny! LOL!!

    I probably would have headed for the masking tape first, but it doesn’t stick well either.

    The biggest problem with my great-grands has been making sure the little leaky hose is tucked in before fastening the tabs.

  5. That would have been my solution, too. There were times we had to double-diaper our kids because of blowouts. Even without blowouts, there were times the legs leaked. I often contemplated plastic sealing wrap like you use on windows.

    Can you believe how much time and energy is spent on butts? And it never ends. Mine are now 9, 5 and 3 and I’m still bottom-obsessed.


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