Losing my mind


Losing my mind

By Joanie Buettgen

Copyright 2010

Have you ever asked your spouse after a hectic day, “Honey, what day is it?”

I always get that look of disbelief, followed by a frown and then his slow answer, “It’s Tuesday.” Then, he returns to his reading. He must ask himself constantly, “Why on earth does she ask such silly questions?”

I know the answer, “Welcome to my personal mental pause days.” All of us boomers have them-we just don’t know where they are.

Frequently, I miss my memory, followed closely by my eyesight. Sometimes, I can’t even remember where my readers are. I’ll walk into the kitchen, stop and stare, and ask myself, “What did I come in here for?” Feeling rather silly, I take moment and then strain my mind to remember why I came into the room. It hurts.

Just the other day, I tried to be self-sufficient and figure the date out all by myself, I spotted my trusty friend on the wall. It’s my old calendar that’s been waiting for me to give up to date information.

I’ve nicknamed her Collette Calendar; she is efficient and always on top of things. I can always tell she’s been on the job by her scribbling, along with her constant cross out dates, and her liberal use of white out.

As a freelance columnist, I’m often asked, “So…what do you do with your day?”

I look at them, smile and comment, “Oh, I sit at my computer and eat a king size Mounds bar…how about you?”

Then, I retreat back to my safe haven where I pound out 3 blogs a week, answers questions, and respond to over 85 emails from two different accounts. Then, I return urgent messages.

Lately, these longer days have been flowing into one another.

I’ve often wondered, “Does this affect our loved one too?” After years of marriage we women know our husbands are simple creatures. All they really want to do is to help us, and if we want a quick response and not the “stare, we know just the question to ask.

Recently, while trying to prepare dinner, I asked him, “Babe, I want to create one of those Julia Child recipes from her show. What do you think?”

His response was immediate as he ran into the kitchen and asked, “Do you need any help?”

I just smiled at him. It works every time. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, it’s hamburger-again!

Published: Minnesota Moments Magazine, Carver County Historical Society, Kansas City BBQ Society, Carver County News, and the National Barn Alliance.

Memberships: National Society of Newspaper Columnists, Toastmaster’s, Minnesota Newspaper Association, Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop attendee.

Social Networking: Blog:https://joanie19.wordpress.com, http://twitter.com/joaniebuettgen, www.linkedin/com/in/joaniebuettgen.


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  1. I think I found your mind under the bed when I was looking around trying to find a clue as to why I came into the bedroom in the first place; I wasn’t sleepy. Love the “mental pause”.

  2. Funny!!

    I forgot what I was looking for a couple days ago and my mom said, “I see you believe in the hereafter.” I gave her one of “those” looks and asked, “What?” “You walk into a room and then say, “What did I come here after?”

    Good trick with the Julia Child thing.

  3. this is a good one Joanie. I live in this place of lost memory. I haven’t know what DAY it is since Hurricane Ivan came through about five or six years ago.

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