Blogging and Flipping


Blogging and Flipping

By Joanie Buettgen

Copyright 2010

Usually a personal invitation to a political event is not earth shattering. But you’re wrong. This celebration was televised on the Shawn Hannity show, I had to go.

This get-together was the Minnesota GOP Rally on April 7, at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The guest speakers were Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Governor Sarah Palin. I was asked to go by a couple of friends of mine. Their youngest daughter couldn’t go and I jumped at the chance to see these two intelligent women in action.

As a blogging enthusiast I just knew I had to bring my new camcorder-just to try it out.

Upon entering the Minneapolis Convention Center the main lobby was bustling with film crews, national and local media stations and many people from all walks of life. There were the toddlers, the school-age children with their parents and senior citizens.

We entered the large room where 11,000 people stood. Many who took time to attend and we didn’t care about the large crowd, we were there to protect our liberties. Many Americans brought their home-made signs that told of their mistrust for our government.

Standing still for three hours, on a cement floor, was not a problem. There was live music and everyone was in a partying mood. Many cell phones and camcorders were tapping this event that would eventually be loaded onto their computers and Web sites. The crowd was exuberant and the tea party movement went into warp speed.

God bless America; because we need this conservative party movement now more than ever.  

Well done Minnesota, well done Michele and Sarah.

For more information and to view Shawn Hannity’s show on this rally visit:

Just another columnist trying out this new stuff.

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