Blogging to wellness


It was 6:30 a.m. on a cloudy Tuesday morning, and dark, storm clouds were moving in.  This was week two of the cold from hell; with my vertigo and sinus well plugged in, my neck resembled and felt like a old turkey. When you have a cold that has laid claim to you-you get a little punchy in your hearing and thinking. 

Oh, the six Puff boxes are now in the recycling bin, the plastic Mucinex containers have been emptied and old man Robitussin DM and I are good drinking buddies.

Has anyone had the pleasure of your nasal cavities talking to you? 

“Is that normal for my nose to make a creaking noise?” I asked Sue, a fellow Facebook buddie.

“Maybe there’s a blog there!” She said. 

“Good idea.” I typed on my IM Facebook page. My digits then typed a quick “Bye,” and off I went to post this on my blog. 

In this crazy and sick world of viral and instant, I’m just hoping, at my doctor appointment today, he gives me some really great meds.   So I can stop hearing strange  noises and stop hallucinating.


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