Reptile worries


Reptile worries

By Joanie Buettgen

Copyright 2010

Every spring humans start to prime their mental engines. Our days are longer; the weather is warmer, and our bodies start the speedy transition into a new season. We feel an urge to discard our layers of warm clothes. Mother Nature’s time clock seems to know just when this disrobing will occur. Some of her creatures start to cast their winter wardrobes early, some later. Recently, I’ve wondered if animals or humans shed skin. 

Our dog Jake starts his peeling ritual late in the winter. He starts to itch, scratch and finally it all flakes off. Our canine has it easy and no maintenance is required for his process.

Women may also start to show the signs of moltingit happens a lot if we have dry skin. We start to feel a dry patch and then move on to the itching stage; that’s when our old back scratcher, becomes our new foot massager.

This season the epidermis layer on my feet started to slough. I now look like a snake ready to shed its skin.

Some experts say that females peel because of hormone changes. Oh, great another adjustment just when we all thought everything had been written about our mature bodies. Now, they tell us a temperature change will affect this natural process too. Take notice ladies; after putting up with our blast furnace hot flashes, we should be delighted to peel like a banana.
How do you know when this natural detaching happens? Oh, you’ll now…you’ll itch. For me it was on the heels of my feet. We then, make another mental note to buy a great moisturizer, and soon. Days later, many cracks the size of a California fault line, appeared on the bottoms of my feet; followed by the plucking of skin in this desert area.
A topical application of a soothing lotion is the only remedy-the more the better. This is the only hope for not having that special reptilian look. But note that this remedy is only a temporary one.

If you’re like me, picking at a dry spot has its advantages and disadvantages. One day we notice a dry, skin tag, and then we pull on that one little speck. Afterwards, we feel a small piece dangling from yesterday’s episode. But now, that we’ve pulled that one off, it leaves a hard ridge just waiting for another new patch to be explored. By this constant pulling, we now have created a large red patch, where new skin, that has never seen the light of day, is exposed. Pain is inevitable.

Some women make a monthly pedicure appointments during the warm days of summer. My ritual is soaking my feet in a tube of warm water. Then, I apply a scented moisturizer, and gently scrub the bottoms with a pumice stone. It works.

There’s something about our lower appendages that always seem to get the short end of the stick. Our feet are often abused. Nobody will notice or care; especially when a new stylish pair of shoes covers up all of their poor misfortunes.

Published: Minnesota Moments Magazine, Carver County Historical Society, Kansas City BBQ Society, Carver County News, and the National Barn Alliance.

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