Help just in time for Valentine’s Day


Help just in time for Valentine’s Day

Copyright 2010

A line in the movie Love Story states, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”


Maybe that’s what’s wrong with society these days, we don’t say, “I’m sorry-enough.”

Relationships seem like they‘re harder to find, than when we were young. Our kids are in their 20s and 30s and are taking this affection thing much slower.

Back in 1978, we were married, bought our first fixer-upper, and then came the ankle biters. We still don’t know what happened to the 80s and 90s-there still a blur. Oh, we paid our fair share of taxes; and all those medical bills, and we did all of this because of our commitment to each other.

But in today’s society-what is true love?

It seems that young couples just want the intimacy first, and along with it all the STDs. They wait, and they want, and all the time they’re hoping for just the perfect one. Maybe a Mr. Wonderful, or a Miss. Beautiful will waltz into their lives, and all will be perfect.

It isn’t

No one ever told us marriage would be blissful all the time. We knew we were in it for the long haul; and along with it came the ups and downs. We were just happy to have found each other.

It’s sad when you hear of a marriage break up. You wonder, “What happened?” Or, was it really that bad?”

No one will ever know what happened to the marriage, except for the couple. That’s their personal business. I read a statement of a divorced woman that re-married, it went like this…If I knew how hard it would be with our two blended families now, I would have worked harder on the first one.

Do you all remember when our parents showed us what love was or wasn’t? After many years, here’s what we do for each other: take the garbage out- without being asked; let the dog out, so your loved one can sleep in; give up control of the remote-once in awhile; scrape off your spouse’s windshield-just because you want too; go out for to dinner, so she/he doesn’t have to cook-again; and even the big “squeeze,” goes a long way after a tough day.

A friend of mine told me this story, “On our wedding day our priest told us,” ‘you may think you love each other now-you don’t…you’ll learn to love each other.’”

Valentine’s Day is for everyone. It knows no age limit; at least that’s what those Hallmark cards tell us. With all the TV ads bombarding us with suggestions of, what guys should get us girls, or what our men really want, let me just say here and now, not all women love chocolate-and not all men want a new pair of boxers. Food is not love, and his Fruit of the Looms aren’t everything.

Here is a great quote.

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.-Dr. Seuss American Writer and Cartoonist, b. 1904-1991

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